What are the Best Mobile Phone Games of All Time

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A mobile phones primary purpose was to connect you to people no matter where you were whether this is for business or personal reasons.

However as technology has developed so have mobile phones and they are no longer just a communications device, they are used to access the internet, shoot videos, take photos and play games.

Below is a list of the best mobile phone games of all time.


Angry Birds

Developed by Rio, they definitely created a timeless time consuming game. Since it was first launched into mobile gaming, it has kept people hooked and they just keep coming back for more. It has expanded with new levels, themes, and various updates.

This game has done a great job in bringing the entire mobile gaming edge to almost every platform present today. This includes Symbian, Palm, iOS, and Android. It is certainly a very addictive game with chunky colorful graphics plus a cast of adorable birds that really makes this game a true winner.


This game was developed by a Russian and then distributed by Nintendo a few decades ago. It was then made available for the Game Boy system. From there, the game has become a very big hit all over the world. Even today, almost every console has its own version of Tetris. They try to make it different from the original, but the game remains the same.

The premise of the game comes with 7 different shape types referred to as the tetrominoes. Each of them falls off from the ceiling and the player’s job is to stack them up neatly by rotating and moving them in to the right places before they land on deck.

This game was also a subject of a research showing how it can actually contribute positively to mental health. Many find relaxation, whilst others just found it great fun.

Cut the Rope

This is one of the more recent games made available for iPad and iPhone. It has certainly grown faster in comparison to any other mobile games in the past. It comes with an amazing physics engine paired together with the old puzzle elements which all adds up to another great game.

A green, cute monster named Om Nom wants candy. The problem here is that the green monster is too lazy to get off from where he is, which means that the player will have to navigate the sweets to Om Nom using a complex system of rope cutting, winching and bubble bursting. All of these are controlled through the touchscreen and in order to get those 3 stars in every level it requires expert timing and the nerves.

The reason why so many people love this game is because it is easy to pick up and play yet behind that simplicity it has a very tricky gameplay to master.

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