Top Ten Best Games of All Time List

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Do you still remember the first ever video game you played during your childhood days? For some, it’s hard to imagine what they would do with their leisure time if video games had not not invented.

A few people have even become professional gamers, but the vast majority of people play for pleasure.

Video games have become part of our culture.


Below is a top ten list of the best games of all time.

  1. Super Mario Brothers

Mario and His brother Luigi travel to the mushroom kingdom to rescue Princess Peach Toadstool from Bowser. Eating mushrooms to grow or flowers to spit fire to the enemy with each level of difficulties.

  1. Pac-Man

Released on 1980, this arcade game makes its genre during this period. You’ll just have to eat the coins and fruits and avoid being eaten yourself.

  1. Space Invaders

Before Pac-Man, there was a Space Invader. Created in 1970, an arcade shooting game in which you have to defeat the waves aliens using a cannon and earn as many points you can have.

  1. Donkey Kong

Using the main character to dodge and avoid obstacles to save Pauline from the giant ape Donkey Kong. The platform of the game is similar to Super Mario Bros.

  1. Contra

A run and gun video game where you can select different types of firepower capabilities from a flying object or from destroying an enemy’s object. Finishing every level and defeating bosses.

  1. Street Fighter

A fighting game that lets you select 1 character to fight with the opposing character using their special moves and buttons configuration.

  1. Doom

A first-person shooter game which was rebooted in 2016. This was a pioneering first-person shooting game which has led to such games as Counter-strike, Quake, and many more.

  1. StarCraft

A real-time strategy game which was released in 1998. Whoever destroys the camp of the opposing team will win. The more strategically you plan your base and attacks the more likely you will be to win the game. StarCraft 2 was released with the same concept and platform, but the visual effects were much enhanced.

  1. Diablo II

This is an action-role playing game in which you choose a character with many skills and when a quest completed is you will become more powerful. The new game Diablo III was released with new quests and skills together with greatly improved visual effects.

  1. DOTA or Defense of the Ancient

A team-based multiplayer game that has 5 players on each opposing team who will select 5 different heroes. The team who destroy the “ancient” first will win. The team who is the most coordinated will surely have the best chance of winning.

Producers and developers of video games have improved and enhanced their games visually for one sole core purpose. That is to give the gamers an excellent gaming experience. The gaming industry sometimes tries to revive the old games that led the way to the games we have now. Having this games revived we will now give you a chance to go back to the past and enjoy it with today’s great visual effects.

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