Top Pc and Console Games

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Top Pc and Console Games

Gamers were always divided into console gamers and PC gamers. Whenever a PC game was released that wasn’t available on the console, it made gamers want the other game.

This is why gaming companies create game titles that are exclusive for only one gaming machine whether it is a PC, a PS, or an x-Box console. But let’s not focus on this, instead let’s see what upcoming games will be released on both PC and Console and then decide whether we will buy the other gaming machine or not.



Wilde is a game set in the Neolithic period, and it will be released on PS 4 only. Now only that player will be able to relive the period that occurs in 5000 BC & they will also be able to interact with animals and surroundings. Being that its’ an open world game with a lot of elements of adventure the map is pretty big. It’s about the size of a smaller version of Europe, so yes this game will be pretty awesome. Regarding interaction with the wild life, players will be able to use smaller animals like bids and ferrets to spy on other players. Bigger animals like bears and wolves will be at your disposal to help you as you hunt down and demolish other settlements and tribes.

Kingdom Come Deliverance.

This upcoming role-playing game that will be available on Pc and console and that is something every gamer is glad to hear. The game will be released first on PC and then some time later on PlayStation and X-Box. The medieval time was the scene in many previous games, and still, there is something that game developers can take from this period. Players will be able to build cities together, craft items, plan attacks, compete for various tasks and siege missions and basically interact with every item, object or NCP. Massive battles are another great thing that this game can brag about as they are designed to perfection and look absolutely stunning.

Watchdogs 2.

This game will also be available for both PC and Console. The sequel to Watch Dogs will bring much more than its gaming predecessor. The biggest problem with the first part of the game was marketing and all the hype that raised a fuss about this new and awesome game that is to be released called Watch Dogs. Unfortunately, game developers pumped the crowd too much as the expectations for the gameplay were extremely high. This is why instead of talk, game developers focused on working on the game this time. Hopefully, we will see something that we haven’t seen in the first installment of the game that can captivate the crowd. Until the game is released we won’t know much, except for the story line is still a never-ending struggle to bring down Blume.

Whether you are playing your favorite games on a PC or a console, this winter will be as cozy as it gets.

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