The Secret Ingredients of a Hit Mobile App Game

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The Secret Ingredients of a Hit Mobile App Game

The improvements made in science and technology introduced new ways for people to have fun. Entertainment is often the most profitable trigger for any business opportunity. It is when people want to entertain themselves that they are most likely susceptible to making a purchase. Businesses prey on this core nature of human behavior to make profit and build their business.

This is very evident in the virtual wars of mobile app games. With the two most popular platforms used in smartphone technology creating avenues for developers to deliver their products, the options have expanded to a confusing degree. If you want to succeed in the business and making online mobile gaming apps then here are some key elements that will get you to the top.


Keep the Concept Simple

Whether it is to grow bigger as in the case of Agario, or to stay afloat in a certain level in Flappy Bird or hitting a specific target in Angry Birds, keeping the concept to a level that is so simple that it can be understood by a five-year-old, is the way to go. You can always add the complexities as the game progresses but the initial lure that locks your gamers in is always a concept that is so simple that it becomes natural for you to be addicted to it. Even though these games appear simple as you advance through the game you will eventually reach a point which you cannot seem to pass, this is the stage where you may choose to use Agario cheats to help you progress in the game, such game cheats can be found on websites like Agario boosts.

Create a Goal

Every game has a goal. Candy crush gamers have a goal to keep the jewels coming and provide more space for candies by making sure that similar ones are eliminated. This goes the same for the classic game Tetris. The goal is to arrange the pieces in a way that it would be easy for you to trim them down so you do not turn the game over by hitting the top and running out of space. Having a clear goal to supplement the concept will have gamers locked in and engaged.


Put in a Challenge

If you are working on a movie without a main conflict for the characters the movie will most likely be abandoned in the theatres midway. A conflict is what gives color to a story. In the case of mobile games the challenge brings in the exciting stuff. It is when gamers are confronted with a challenge that they cannot overcome that they get hooked. If the game gets too challenging, people would tend to find cheats. Agario hacks are among the most searched keywords related to an online game and it helps to keep the gamers playing as they can move further into the game and improve their skill levels rather than getting frustrated and losing interest.

Becoming a successful gaming designer is almost like becoming a clothing designer for women’s skirts. You need to make it long enough to cover all the necessary stuff but also short enough to keep everything interesting.

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