Pc Gaming VS Console Gaming

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Pc Gaming VS Console Gaming

Playing games on a console like PlayStation 4, Xbox one or any similar always had the advantage of having an exclusive game title that is otherwise unavailable on desktop or laptop. Game developers do this for one particular obvious reason-to take a portion of gaming market thus gaining more people buying their product. So knowing that this is just another method of marketing control that game developers that focus their product placement on consoles make, PC gamers shouldn’t get it wrong. Business will always be business, and there should be no hard feelings on the subject.

Taking over the market.

Whether or not we, as gamers, have certain agendas towards product placing regarding gaming, the fact is that certain game titles that should be available on PC are not, and vice versa.

We all have one or two game titles that disappointed us only because they were not available on our gaming machine, whatever that may be- a console or PC. But it is quite obvious what is actually happening.

One huge company is trying to be more successful than its competition by trying to take piece by piece of the market. A market, by the way, huge and big enough for both of them to survive. But as evolution has taught us survival of the fittest is one messed up game where compromise and altruism have no place.

Bending the rules.
If you are fed up with games being released for consoles instead of Microsoft Windows, and you want to do something about it, you could try with emulators. The thing with PS emulators is that the effort that you are investing in making it work by downloading all the dlls and parts of emulator that are missing once you download can be put to better use, for example by working double shifts and earning enough money to buy the actual console.

This may not occur to you as true but spending your nerves on making the damn thing work and falling for various online gags that are offering you the solution might make you realize that these things simply don’t work. There is a reason why companies are making a certain game title unavailable on PC, and the reason is money.

If everyone could play PlayStation games on PC by downloading a simple program that enables encrypting PS files and making them usable by Windows, game developing companies would lose their profit. So they made it impossible or at least pretty damn hard to make PS 4 emulator work.

However, if you think that you have what it takes to solve the mystery and hack your way to playing a game title that is intended for a console on your PC, that you might as well try it. In any way, either buy the console and play it or forget that the game exists.It is always hard making big decisions, and the decision of buying a console or a PC has its weight.

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