Games on PC vs. Console Games

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Games on PC vs. Console Games

As a gamer, have you ever wondered why console gamers prefer to play on consoles and won’t consider playing games on any other gaming machine? The same goes with PC gamers, where players that played their first game on a PC never think about switching to a console.

It is because this is their gaming religion. The first version always sticks in people’s mind better than any other that comes after. Both console and PC gamers know the advantage of playing on another game machine, but the games that they are already playing are factors that affect their way of thinking making them stick to their first choice.

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Gaming on PC.

If you are a kind of player that likes to play fast paced games that require precision in movement and aiming, then you probably prefer playing on a PC with mouse and keyboard.

There are so many more possibilities when playing on a keyboard, like binding controls to buttons and playing with a different style. Learning how to play usually determines how you place your fingers on a keyboard or if you are using a mouse with left or right hand. Most of the gamers are right-mouse-handed, but there is a percentage of professional players that use a mouse with the left hand.

The important thing about PC gaming is that you have more control over the game content, installing add-ons, modifying the game files, and altering the graphic so that the game becomes more fluid.

Console Gaming.

Having less to worry about installing the right graphic drivers or sound card drivers is the advantage of owning a console over owning a PC. All you need to do in order to play the game is to buy it from the store, go home and insert the CD in your console.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to think about how long the cable is for your controller as now there are wireless controllers. Probably the best thing about owning a console is that you can choose your display size by picking the right TV. The biggest monitors for a PC can be up to 34 inches, while you can get a TV for a console that is as wide as your wall.


Regarding security you don’t have anything to worry about on a console while browsing on a computer might get you a couple of viruses. The browsing system on a console is a bit more complicated than on a PC but a least you are safe from malware, Trojans, and other malicious software.

Choosing the right antivirus can be hard, and most of them require a monthly subscription in order to provide maximum protection. Consoles don’t have these problems so you can safely browse the content on any internet page or a website.

If you still haven’t decided whether you should buy a console or a PC you could just buy both of them. This way you can play exclusive games on PC and console, and you won’t miss a single game title.

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