What are the Best Mobile Phone Games of All Time

A mobile phones primary purpose was to connect you to people no matter where you were whether this is for business or personal reasons.

However as technology has developed so have mobile phones and they are no longer just a communications device, they are used to access the internet, shoot videos, take photos and play games.

Below is a list of the best mobile phone games of all time.


Angry Birds

Developed by Rio, they definitely created a timeless time consuming game. Since it was first launched into mobile gaming, it has kept people hooked and they just keep coming back for more. It has expanded with new levels, themes, and various updates.

This game has done a great job in bringing the entire mobile gaming edge to almost every platform present today. This includes Symbian, Palm, iOS, and Android. It is certainly a very addictive game with chunky colorful graphics plus a cast of adorable birds that really makes this game a true winner.


This game was developed by a Russian and then distributed by Nintendo a few decades ago. It was then made available for the Game Boy system. From there, the game has become a very big hit all over the world. Even today, almost every console has its own version of Tetris. They try to make it different from the original, but the game remains the same.

The premise of the game comes with 7 different shape types referred to as the tetrominoes. Each of them falls off from the ceiling and the player’s job is to stack them up neatly by rotating and moving them in to the right places before they land on deck.

This game was also a subject of a research showing how it can actually contribute positively to mental health. Many find relaxation, whilst others just found it great fun.

Cut the Rope

This is one of the more recent games made available for iPad and iPhone. It has certainly grown faster in comparison to any other mobile games in the past. It comes with an amazing physics engine paired together with the old puzzle elements which all adds up to another great game.

A green, cute monster named Om Nom wants candy. The problem here is that the green monster is too lazy to get off from where he is, which means that the player will have to navigate the sweets to Om Nom using a complex system of rope cutting, winching and bubble bursting. All of these are controlled through the touchscreen and in order to get those 3 stars in every level it requires expert timing and the nerves.

The reason why so many people love this game is because it is easy to pick up and play yet behind that simplicity it has a very tricky gameplay to master.

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Top Ten Best Games of All Time List

Do you still remember the first ever video game you played during your childhood days? For some, it’s hard to imagine what they would do with their leisure time if video games had not not invented.

A few people have even become professional gamers, but the vast majority of people play for pleasure.

Video games have become part of our culture.


Below is a top ten list of the best games of all time.

  1. Super Mario Brothers

Mario and His brother Luigi travel to the mushroom kingdom to rescue Princess Peach Toadstool from Bowser. Eating mushrooms to grow or flowers to spit fire to the enemy with each level of difficulties.

  1. Pac-Man

Released on 1980, this arcade game makes its genre during this period. You’ll just have to eat the coins and fruits and avoid being eaten yourself.

  1. Space Invaders

Before Pac-Man, there was a Space Invader. Created in 1970, an arcade shooting game in which you have to defeat the waves aliens using a cannon and earn as many points you can have.

  1. Donkey Kong

Using the main character to dodge and avoid obstacles to save Pauline from the giant ape Donkey Kong. The platform of the game is similar to Super Mario Bros.

  1. Contra

A run and gun video game where you can select different types of firepower capabilities from a flying object or from destroying an enemy’s object. Finishing every level and defeating bosses.

  1. Street Fighter

A fighting game that lets you select 1 character to fight with the opposing character using their special moves and buttons configuration.

  1. Doom

A first-person shooter game which was rebooted in 2016. This was a pioneering first-person shooting game which has led to such games as Counter-strike, Quake, and many more.

  1. StarCraft

A real-time strategy game which was released in 1998. Whoever destroys the camp of the opposing team will win. The more strategically you plan your base and attacks the more likely you will be to win the game. StarCraft 2 was released with the same concept and platform, but the visual effects were much enhanced.

  1. Diablo II

This is an action-role playing game in which you choose a character with many skills and when a quest completed is you will become more powerful. The new game Diablo III was released with new quests and skills together with greatly improved visual effects.

  1. DOTA or Defense of the Ancient

A team-based multiplayer game that has 5 players on each opposing team who will select 5 different heroes. The team who destroy the “ancient” first will win. The team who is the most coordinated will surely have the best chance of winning.

Producers and developers of video games have improved and enhanced their games visually for one sole core purpose. That is to give the gamers an excellent gaming experience. The gaming industry sometimes tries to revive the old games that led the way to the games we have now. Having this games revived we will now give you a chance to go back to the past and enjoy it with today’s great visual effects.

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The Secret Ingredients of a Hit Mobile App Game

The Secret Ingredients of a Hit Mobile App Game

The improvements made in science and technology introduced new ways for people to have fun. Entertainment is often the most profitable trigger for any business opportunity. It is when people want to entertain themselves that they are most likely susceptible to making a purchase. Businesses prey on this core nature of human behavior to make profit and build their business.

This is very evident in the virtual wars of mobile app games. With the two most popular platforms used in smartphone technology creating avenues for developers to deliver their products, the options have expanded to a confusing degree. If you want to succeed in the business and making online mobile gaming apps then here are some key elements that will get you to the top.


Keep the Concept Simple

Whether it is to grow bigger as in the case of Agario, or to stay afloat in a certain level in Flappy Bird or hitting a specific target in Angry Birds, keeping the concept to a level that is so simple that it can be understood by a five-year-old, is the way to go. You can always add the complexities as the game progresses but the initial lure that locks your gamers in is always a concept that is so simple that it becomes natural for you to be addicted to it. Even though these games appear simple as you advance through the game you will eventually reach a point which you cannot seem to pass, this is the stage where you may choose to use Agario cheats to help you progress in the game, such game cheats can be found on websites like Agario boosts.

Create a Goal

Every game has a goal. Candy crush gamers have a goal to keep the jewels coming and provide more space for candies by making sure that similar ones are eliminated. This goes the same for the classic game Tetris. The goal is to arrange the pieces in a way that it would be easy for you to trim them down so you do not turn the game over by hitting the top and running out of space. Having a clear goal to supplement the concept will have gamers locked in and engaged.


Put in a Challenge

If you are working on a movie without a main conflict for the characters the movie will most likely be abandoned in the theatres midway. A conflict is what gives color to a story. In the case of mobile games the challenge brings in the exciting stuff. It is when gamers are confronted with a challenge that they cannot overcome that they get hooked. If the game gets too challenging, people would tend to find cheats. Agario hacks are among the most searched keywords related to an online game and it helps to keep the gamers playing as they can move further into the game and improve their skill levels rather than getting frustrated and losing interest.

Becoming a successful gaming designer is almost like becoming a clothing designer for women’s skirts. You need to make it long enough to cover all the necessary stuff but also short enough to keep everything interesting.

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Top Pc and Console Games

Top Pc and Console Games

Gamers were always divided into console gamers and PC gamers. Whenever a PC game was released that wasn’t available on the console, it made gamers want the other game.

This is why gaming companies create game titles that are exclusive for only one gaming machine whether it is a PC, a PS, or an x-Box console. But let’s not focus on this, instead let’s see what upcoming games will be released on both PC and Console and then decide whether we will buy the other gaming machine or not.



Wilde is a game set in the Neolithic period, and it will be released on PS 4 only. Now only that player will be able to relive the period that occurs in 5000 BC & they will also be able to interact with animals and surroundings. Being that its’ an open world game with a lot of elements of adventure the map is pretty big. It’s about the size of a smaller version of Europe, so yes this game will be pretty awesome. Regarding interaction with the wild life, players will be able to use smaller animals like bids and ferrets to spy on other players. Bigger animals like bears and wolves will be at your disposal to help you as you hunt down and demolish other settlements and tribes.

Kingdom Come Deliverance.

This upcoming role-playing game that will be available on Pc and console and that is something every gamer is glad to hear. The game will be released first on PC and then some time later on PlayStation and X-Box. The medieval time was the scene in many previous games, and still, there is something that game developers can take from this period. Players will be able to build cities together, craft items, plan attacks, compete for various tasks and siege missions and basically interact with every item, object or NCP. Massive battles are another great thing that this game can brag about as they are designed to perfection and look absolutely stunning.

Watchdogs 2.

This game will also be available for both PC and Console. The sequel to Watch Dogs will bring much more than its gaming predecessor. The biggest problem with the first part of the game was marketing and all the hype that raised a fuss about this new and awesome game that is to be released called Watch Dogs. Unfortunately, game developers pumped the crowd too much as the expectations for the gameplay were extremely high. This is why instead of talk, game developers focused on working on the game this time. Hopefully, we will see something that we haven’t seen in the first installment of the game that can captivate the crowd. Until the game is released we won’t know much, except for the story line is still a never-ending struggle to bring down Blume.

Whether you are playing your favorite games on a PC or a console, this winter will be as cozy as it gets.

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Pc Gaming VS Console Gaming

Pc Gaming VS Console Gaming

Playing games on a console like PlayStation 4, Xbox one or any similar always had the advantage of having an exclusive game title that is otherwise unavailable on desktop or laptop. Game developers do this for one particular obvious reason-to take a portion of gaming market thus gaining more people buying their product. So knowing that this is just another method of marketing control that game developers that focus their product placement on consoles make, PC gamers shouldn’t get it wrong. Business will always be business, and there should be no hard feelings on the subject.

Taking over the market.

Whether or not we, as gamers, have certain agendas towards product placing regarding gaming, the fact is that certain game titles that should be available on PC are not, and vice versa.

We all have one or two game titles that disappointed us only because they were not available on our gaming machine, whatever that may be- a console or PC. But it is quite obvious what is actually happening.

One huge company is trying to be more successful than its competition by trying to take piece by piece of the market. A market, by the way, huge and big enough for both of them to survive. But as evolution has taught us survival of the fittest is one messed up game where compromise and altruism have no place.

Bending the rules.
If you are fed up with games being released for consoles instead of Microsoft Windows, and you want to do something about it, you could try with emulators. The thing with PS emulators is that the effort that you are investing in making it work by downloading all the dlls and parts of emulator that are missing once you download can be put to better use, for example by working double shifts and earning enough money to buy the actual console.

This may not occur to you as true but spending your nerves on making the damn thing work and falling for various online gags that are offering you the solution might make you realize that these things simply don’t work. There is a reason why companies are making a certain game title unavailable on PC, and the reason is money.

If everyone could play PlayStation games on PC by downloading a simple program that enables encrypting PS files and making them usable by Windows, game developing companies would lose their profit. So they made it impossible or at least pretty damn hard to make PS 4 emulator work.

However, if you think that you have what it takes to solve the mystery and hack your way to playing a game title that is intended for a console on your PC, that you might as well try it. In any way, either buy the console and play it or forget that the game exists.It is always hard making big decisions, and the decision of buying a console or a PC has its weight.

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